Message regarding Real Estate Valuation and Assessment of Property Tax and this years Triennial Update

Ohio real property tax is the oldest tax in the state. Since 1825, it has been an “ad valorem tax”—meaning a tax based on the value of the real estate. By statute, the county auditor must appraise and value real property in each county. See Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 5715.

The process of valuing real estate in each county is conducted on a mass scale. As a result, most properties are only visually inspected from the exterior, and interior inspections are rare. There are simply too many properties in each county to conduct a detailed inspection of each one. In fact, in Ross County, Ohio alone, there are more than 45,000 parcels that all need to be appraised and valued by the Ross County Auditor.

Sexennial Appraisals and Triennial Update

The Tax Commissioner is charged with the duty of ordering all real property in each county to be appraised once every six years. This is usually referred to as the sexennial appraisal. R.C. 5715.33.

In addition to the sexennial appraisal, values are adjusted by the county auditor in the third year between the sexennial appraisals. R.C. 5715.24. This interim adjustment is usually referred to as the triennial update. The triennial update is a statistical analysis of the sales that have occurred in the prior three years. Property values are adjusted upwards or downwards based on a percentage calculated for each marketing neighborhood.

Each county conducts its sexennial appraisal and triennial update at different times. Ross County had its last sexennial appraisal in 2019 making tax year 2022 (payable this year 2023) our triennial update.  If you have questions or concerns about the change in valuation of your property, please contact the Real Estate Department of the Ross County Auditor’s Office at (740) 702-3080 or by email at

Message Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Treasurer's office is committed to keeping everyone safe during this unprecedented time. Our office does have essential duties that must be performed on a daily basis and we are currently open to the public. Due to the threat of the Covid-19 Virus, we ask that taxpayers take safety precautions and make every attempt to not pay in person. As always, the drop-off boxes can be used and will be checked regularly. Payments can also be made by mail, online or over the phone; all payment information is available on this site. Office hours will still be from 8:30am-4:30pm M-F, however, the time between 8:30 and 9:30 each morning will be reserved for those at a higher risk of contracting the virus and we ask that all others who must come in do so after 9:30am for the health and safety of all individuals. I am available full-time for email questions or if you would like a return call to have questions answered. Please email me at with all of your questions or to request a call back. This will be the easiest way to ensure the most immediate response. Thank you for your understanding and please keep yourself and your family safe and healthy during these times. We will get through this as a community and we will all be stronger than ever!

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